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Principal's Message



Dear Parents and Students,

Education is the continuous pursuit of excellence. Individuals, organizations, civilizations and nations are known to have continuously striven towards this path of excellence.

Don Bosco Trasi, has always attempted to pursue the path of excellence in school education and has directed its initiatives with reforms towards providing quality education to the society.

In this context, Don Bosco,Trasi has been giving foremost priority to its children to explore their hidden talents with its vibrant environment and the ablest architects of human destiny, providing, greater opportunities to channelize learners an energy to acquire desired life skills and empower them to steer the nation.

Truly speaking, the reputation the school has deserved today in every sphere reflects the picture of hard working students, dedicated staff members, constructive suggestions of the esteemed parents and well wishers with unstinting support and patronage of the school management committee. May the Almighty strengthen us to contribute our effort to make the institution one of the leading institutions of the state.

Rector's Message

Dear Parents and Students

“Education is not only a matter of instruction and the acquisition of skills. We must be concerned with the formation of intelligence, of freedom, of the capacity to love and do good to others”. It is said, “It is easy to give a child a fish, and it will survive for a day. But teaching the child the skills of fishing and knowing the tide as to when to throw the net and catch for himself, makes the child live for a life time”. That is what “Education” is all about....a steady continuous process where in the child understands the world in which it lives and offers the child opportunities to use the knowledge wisely and not just be carried away by emotions. Further, the child takes time to find meaning behind everything it does and thus helps improve the quality of life.

Don Bosco institutes, all over the world is on this pursue not just merely imparting book knowledge and skills for life but, forming in the child the capacity to love and to use ones freedom responsibly. Thus helping the child explore the world, and help make the change for a better living.

Don Bosco CBSE School, Trasi has been since its inception through the “Preventive system of Education”, creating this stream to enable the child empower the body, mind and spirit. We have been able to reach this summit only because of the passion and enthusiasm of the Salesians, the management committee, the dedication and tireless work of the teaching and co-teaching staff, the cooperation of the PTA and the parents, our benefactors and not forgetting our children who give their best, be it academic, sports or any activities. My earnest prayer is that we continue as one big family to inspire and empower the needy children and make them better and honest citizens of our country.

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